How do I login and create an account?

Click "Login" at the top right of the window. You will be prompted for your DOD ID number (found on your ID card) and your birthdate. If these do not appear in our system, you may be prompted for the last four digits of your SSN. This data is used to authenticate you but will not be retained.

Unable to authenticate?

Authentication to this site is based on the MWR Privilege status of your DEERS record. 

If you are an eligible patron (see "Authorized Patrons" button at the bottom of the homepage) and are unable to authenticate, please report your issue through the Contact Us form. Be sure to include the message you received when trying to log in!

I'm a DoD contractor overseas and I can't get in.

Per DODI 1015.10 (Table 1) and DoDM 1000.13, Vol 2, Enclosure 13.a. (Table 28):   

U.S. citizens employed by firms under contract to the Department of Defense working on an installation when assigned in areas outside the United States have full MWR privileges. 

DOD contractors who fall into this category that cannot access should work with their TASS TA (trusted agent) to ensure accurate MWR privileges settings are presented in DEERS.  Please visit for more information on the TASS system.

I'm a DOD contractor stateside and I can't get in.

Per DODI 1015.10 (Table 2) and DoDM 1000.13, Vol 2, Enclosure 13.a. (Table 28): 

DoD contractors working full-time at an installation in the United States have ‘limited’ MWR privileges based on installation commanders' authorization. 

Contractors who fall into the limited category should visit the installation library to verify eligibility and availability of library services at that location.

How do I locate my DoD ID number?

On a CAC or on the newest retiree/reserve/dependent IDs, the ID is located above the barcode on the back of the card. On a retiree/reserve/dependent ID, the ID is located on the front of the card, on the right hand side. 

Some older ID cards may still show the holder's SSN.  If your ID card has a SSN or you do not remember your DoD ID number, enter 0000000000 for the DoD ID and enter your birthdate.  You will then be prompted for the last four digits of your SSN.  


How do I link my existing OverDrive and Mango Language accounts?

After logging in, go to "My Account" at top right. Click 'Manage' and enter your existing user account name in the field under the resource logo. Click the  "Save eResource Settings" button. 

Proceed to the eResource and your saved content should be available for use.

For more detailed OverDrive login information, please look at "How Do I..." #10: "How do I access ebooks" for a step by step guide. 

 For OverDrive Libby account issues, please send request for help here

How do I report website issues?

Please use the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page. Please provide as much detail as possible to help us replicate the issue.  This website does not have a dedicated 24/7 helpdesk.  Issues will be reviewed Monday through Friday during regular business hours (EST).

What is the Libby app?

Libby is the new app by OverDrive. As of this year, it has replaced OverDrive Media Console, which is in the process of being removed from support. 

It is also the only app capable of "checking out" access to Great Courses, ArtistWorks and Universal Class through your DoD OverDrive account. 

How do I download the Libby app?

The Libby app is available in your app store: look for “Libby By OverDrive”.  

If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, you can use the Libby browser interface at

For more detailed login information, please look at "How Do I..." #10: "How do I access ebooks" for a step by step guide. 

 For OverDrive Libby account issues, please send request for help here

If I have a Kindle, do I still need Libby?

You will still need to use Libby to check out all materials, to listen to audiobooks and to access Great Courses, ArtistWorks and Universal Class

How do I send books to my Kindle from Libby?

When you first sign into Libby, you will be given the option to choose whether to port your checked-out ebooks to Kindle or read them in Libby. This will require signing into your Amazon account to sync your libraries.  


If you missed that option: 

  • Use the centermost of the five icons on the bottom of the screen to go to the main menu. 
  • Select Settings from the bottom right corner.  
  • Choose the “Read Books With...” menu option, third from the top.  
  • Select Kindle. You will be asked to sign into your Amazon account.  
How do I stream video using Kanopy?

Review these guides to learn how to use Kanopy.

What is Kanopy?

Kanopy is a streaming video service that allows you to access 20 videos per month. 

How do I set up a Kanopy account?

Go to the Kanopy listing (found in Digital Collections A to Z or Streaming Music and Video) and click the button for your military branch.  

  • Click the “LOG IN TO DODMWR” button. 
  • Click the “LOG IN TO DODMWR” button on the next screen.  
  • If you haven’t already authenticated, you will be prompted to authenticate using the signin. Do so.  
  • In the upper right corner of the Kanopy window, you’ll see “Log in” and “Sign up” buttons. Use “Sign up” to register. You can link your login to an existing Google or Facebook, or set up an email address and password.  
  • You will be sent a verification email within a few minutes of registration. If you do not see it in your main email folder, please be sure to check your junk/spam folder.  
How do I sign in to the Kanopy app?

Kanopy’s app is compatible with mobile devices, Roku and some Smart TVs. Please download it from your preferred app store. 

  • Before signing in, make sure you are registered and authenticated.  
  • The opening screen has two buttons: Get Started and Log In. Use the Log In button only.
  • Log in with the credentials you set up during the sign-up process. 
How do I stay logged in to Kanopy?

Kanopy requires reauthentication every thirty days. If it denies you access, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to your Kanopy account. On login, you should be dropped on the "My Libraries" tab of your account menu.
  3. "Department of Defense Libraries" will appear as inactive. Within the same box, look for a hyperlink for your "institutional login". 
  4. Click that hyperlink to open the login page for in a popup window. Sign in as normal. 
  5. A successful signin should close the popup window. If Department of Defense Libraries still appears inactive, wait about ten seconds, then refresh your browser page. 
  6. Once Department of Defense Libraries appears as active again, you can continue to use your credits as normal. 
What is Freegal?

Freegal is a service that lets you stream unlimited music. You can also download up to 5 songs per month. 

How do I set up a Freegal account?
  • Click through the link to Freegal (in Digital Collections or Streaming Music and Video.) 
  • Enter your email, and enter and confirm a password of your choice.
  • You will be sent an automatic verification email within 10 minutes; if you do not see it, please check your spam folder.
  • Click on the link in the email, sign in with the email and password you set up with them, and you are ready to go.
I already set up a Freegal account through a military library. Can I still use it?

Yes! If you set up a Freegal account through your military branch's library, you can simply log in.

If your account is under a defunct email address or you do not remember your username, we strongly recommend creating a new account. 

How do I find my nearest base library?

Open the "Locations" menu at the top of the window and pick a military branch to search for nearby libraries. Your nearest library may not correspond to your branch of the military, but this does not mean that you are not eligible.

How do I contact my library program?

If you do not have a military library near you or are looking for information concerning a service-specific resource, please contact your military branch’s library program. Email addresses are below:

Air Force/Space Force: [email protected]

Army: [email protected]

Marine Corps: [email protected]

Navy/Coast Guard: [email protected]

Access step by step guide

For e-books, audiobooks, and more, please access your OverDrive account through the Libby app or through

If you are creating an OverDrive account in our system for the first time (including Army), click here.

If you have an account through the Army library system, please continue as you previously were until further notice. We are working on a way to associate your Army OverDrive account with our single sign-in system. 

If you already have an OverDrive account through any other DoD service library system, click here.

How do I access Great Courses, Universal Class, and ArtistWorks?

To access Great Courses, Universal Class and ArtistWorks, you will need to use the Libby app or Libby browser interface. 

Libby is tied to your OverDrive account. Please use the instructions in How Do I #10 to access this account through Libby

What is Single Sign-On with O’Reilly?

Single Sign-On allows you to automatically log in to O’Reilly using your login. You’ll never need to remember a password again.

Single Sign-On also validates your identity with O’Reilly; if your account was deactivated due to inactivity and seats for your military branch are currently open, it will be reactivated without needing to contact O’Reilly tech support.

What do I need to Single Sign-On with O'Reilly?

While logged in to, access your account menu through My Account in the upper right hand corner, or via My Account | DoD MWR Libraries.

Click the blue Manage button. Text boxes will appear below the resource logos.

In the text box below the O’Reilly logo, enter the email you currently sign in with to link your account. If you are setting up an account for the first time, please use your preferred email address. 

Click “Save eResource Connections”.

Once we have updated our access links, clicking the Access links from will log you in to O'Reilly using Single Sign-On. If you are signing in through the O'Reilly app or their main login page, you will be prompted to use Single Sign-On if the website recognizes your login ID as coming from a military account. 

Why did my account deactivate/Why does O'Reilly say my account is full?

Unlike many of our services, O'Reilly has a limited number of seats per military branch. If all of these seats are full, O'Reilly will not let you sign in or register until a seat opens up.

To keep seats open, O'Reilly deactivates user accounts after ninety days of inactivity. 

Once Single Sign On has been activated, your account will be reactivated automatically as long as there are seats open for your military branch's user "pool". While we are still in the construction phase, please continue to use the contact form while signed in to our website to get reactivation instructions. 

I thought I was signing in to O’Reilly! Why am I on this page?

To protect our existing O’Reilly users from being signed in under the wrong account, O’Reilly blocks Single Sign-On attempts from logins that do not yet have an email address saved in the “My Account” page. If you have been redirected to this page from the O’Reilly sign-on, please go to your “My Account” menu, click “Manage”, and enter an email address in the Username blank under the O’Reilly logo.

If you have an existing O’Reilly account, please make sure that you use the email address your account is currently under so that your account history is linked to your new Single Sign-On login. Once you have successfully signed in using Single Sign-On once, you can change your saved email address through the My Account menu at any time; simply make sure that you sign in through Single Sign-On after making the change so that O’Reilly registers the change in their system.

I used the DoD login, but I’m signing in to an empty O’Reilly account! How do I get my history back?

If this happened, then there is a mismatch between the email address that O’Reilly has you logged in under and the email address you saved in the My Account menu. Please email [email protected] with the following information:

  1. The email address that you signed in to O’Reilly with before your switch to Single Sign-On.
  2. The “ID” value at the bottom of your my account page; this should be a string of letters and numbers starting with “Elib”.

Please inform them that you originally used the account under A, and that you need to move your account history to the account under B.